Raccoon Baits for Effective Capture


When it comes to raccoon trapping, choosing the right bait can make all the difference. Raccoons are intelligent and crafty creatures, so luring them into a trap requires strategic bait selection. In this article, we’ll discover the top 5 raccoon baits that have proven to be highly effective for capturing these elusive critters.

Get ready to uncover the secrets of successful raccoon trapping! So, what are the best baits to attract raccoons and ensure a successful capture? Let’s find out!

1. Cooked Fish


Cooked fish is an incredibly enticing bait for raccoons due to its strong odor and delicious appeal. Raccoons are natural fish-eaters, and the pungent aroma of cooked fish is irresistible to them. When using cooked fish as bait, placing it strategically inside the trap to ensure that raccoons are fully enticed.

There are several compelling reasons why cooked fish is a preferred bait for raccoons:

  • The pungent aroma of cooked fish mimics the natural scent of fish in the wild, triggering a strong instinctual response in raccoons.
  • Cooked fish has a stronger scent compared to raw fish, making it more effective in attracting raccoons from a distance.
  • The irresistible taste and aroma of cooked fish make it a highly effective bait, increasing the likelihood of trapping raccoons successfully.

When using cooked fish as bait for trapping raccoons, strategic placement is crucial for maximizing its effectiveness:

  • Place the cooked fish bait in a location that is frequented by raccoons, such as near their den or along their typical foraging routes.
  • Ensure that the bait is securely placed inside the trap to prevent raccoons from removing it without triggering the trap mechanism.
  • If using a bait station, position the cooked fish in a way that encourages raccoons to enter the trap confidently.

2. Sweet Corn


Sweet corn is one of the best bait options for attracting raccoons. The sweet and crunchy nature of corn makes it highly appealing to raccoons. When used as bait, sweet corn triggers the raccoon’s curiosity and hunger, increasing the effectiveness of trapping.

Here are some key points to consider when using sweet corn as raccoon bait:

  • Sweet corn should be fresh and not dried out to maximize its aroma and flavor.
  • Placing the corn in the trap in small piles or mounds can create a more inviting feeding area for raccoons.
  • It’s important to check and refill the bait regularly to ensure its freshness and appeal to raccoons.
  • Consider mixing sweet corn with other foods such as marshmallows, sardines, or peanut butter to create an even more enticing bait mixture.

3. Peanut Butter


Peanut butter is a highly popular bait for raccoons due to its strong scent and sticky texture. Raccoons are drawn to the rich, nutty fragrance of peanut butter, and its sticky consistency ensures that they linger inside the trap while trying to consume it. This makes peanut butter a reliable and effective choice for luring raccoons into traps.

4. Marshmallows


Marshmallows are a surprising yet successful bait for capturing raccoons. Their soft, chewy texture and sweet flavor make them an enticing treat for raccoons. When strategically placed inside the trap, marshmallows attract raccoons with their appealing aroma, making them an effective and non-conventional bait option.

5. Canned Cat Food


Canned cat food has been widely recognized as one of the best baits for capturing raccoons. Its strong, meaty scent is irresistible to raccoons, and the food’s moist texture further entices them. Due to its potent allure, placing canned cat food in the trap increases the likelihood of successfully capturing raccoons.


As we conclude our exploration of the top 5 raccoon baits, it’s clear that successful trapping relies heavily on strategic bait selection. Each of these baits offers unique attributes that appeal to raccoons’ senses, making them effective tools for capturing these elusive creatures.

With the right bait and a well-placed trap, you can increase your chances of successfully removing raccoons from your property. So, which of these enticing baits will you choose to lure raccoons into your traps? The choice is yours!